Don’t Update: A Clear Warning to All Microsoft Window 10 User

Microsoft is faced with some quality control problems. This has results in millions of Window 10 users facing several problems. If you are one of them and are thinking about updating your windows I’ll advise you better not. Windows 10 Updates are nothing short of minefield right now.

And now a warning has also been issued that this update might be the worst you have experienced yet. The September KB4515384 update is already giving problems to so many people. The main issues reported in the recent updates are broken:

  • broken Windows 10 search,
  • the Start Menu, Action Centre,
  • USB connections and caused
  • And audio problems

 Its next target is your Internet Access. A lot of users have turned to Microsoft Communities to discuss the issues. These communities include Windows 10’s Feedback Hub and social networks. Most of the users were reporting network adapters stopped working after the update. The users had Intel chipsets (Asus, MSI and Gigabyte motherboards). Both their Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections were affected.

A user on the Windows 10 Feedback Hub warned the updates causes NIC to fail resulting in Code 10 error. If you are thinking reinstalling network drivers from Intel or Windows Update sources will resolve the issues, it doesn’t work this time. Nonetheless, removing the update from Programs & Software beforehand may resolve the issue.

Another user from the hub said KB4515384 broke Ethernet and Wi-Fi adapters on his PC. The update automatically created new devices in the user’s computer labeled ‘#2’. The user tried to uninstall these and also resolved to install new ones. This though did nothing to solve the issue. He also said the only option was to uninstall this update.

So you have been warned, remember to uncheck that auto-update.