Microsoft Enterprise Aim to Enhance Blockchain Adoption by Token and Data Management Services

Microsoft from the beginning invested in Blockchain to provide its users a more steadfast solution. Now with new changes announced in Azure Blockchain services the enterprise aims to enhance its adaptation to the masses. In one of its blog posts published earlier on December 6, Microsoft announced the integration of tokenization and Data Management services to Azure Blockchain.

Following are the new tools announced for the users:

Microsoft Azure Blockchain Tokens

In order to provide the simple mechanism of their earlier Azure Blockchain service, Microsoft has now planned to launch the preview of Azure Blockchain Tokens. This preview should simplify the users’ tasks such as defining, creating and managing compliant tokens built on industry standard. The preview has built-in templates according to the common scenarios and a gallery of additional templates will be introduced as well.

With this latest offering, Microsoft believes they are providing their users to manage tokens for both physical and digital assets in addition to already managing the Blockchain network itself through Azure Blockchain service.

Blockchain Data Manager and Additional Ledger Choice

Adopting Azure Blockchain Service was already a fantastic step what makes it simpler is the new preview of Data Manager Services. Acceding to Microsoft itself, providing choice and flexibility is a vital part of their investments in Azure Blockchain Service. With the preview of Blockchain Data Manager, the users will be able to capture the Blockchain Ledger Data, De-code it if they must and also share it with other sources.

Microsoft intends to simplify the burdensome task of integrating existing applications with data on Blockchain Ledger. Of course, this is not all that they are doing to enhance user experience with Azure Blockchain Service. The enterprise is investing in its developers as well by updating its Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum (the extension for Visual Studio Code).  This way the developers’ productivity improves wither they are working on Blockchain Networks or consuming Blockchain data.

What You Can Do To Benefit From These Updates?

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