The Microsoft Azure certification training Available in only $29 now

Microsoft is easily one of the most in-demand credentials right now. What could be better than having Microsoft Azure certification training at only $29?

Cloud computing and cloud technologies are the most perused by modern companies. Each and every company out there is looking for a way to implement cloud technologies in one way or another. At a time like this having a Microsoft Azure Certification on your CV can do wonders for your career.

According to an estimation made by Microsoft themselves, the Azure technologies are being used by a percentage of 50%. And mind you the companies using this technology are all among Fortune 500 companies. Also, professionals with validated Azure skills are stepping up their careers with six-figure salaries.

However, it isn’t recommended that you jump right into Azure. Training programs are usually not cheap. Right now as the Windows Central Digital has a deal with Microsoft Azure Architect certification prep bundle, you can pay just $29 Instead of the regular price of $387. This saves you almost 92%.

 This bundle contains four separate courses to prepare you for all the necessary certification exams. It includes 23-hour training and uncountable lectures. Also, the access is open forever, this means you can go with your own flow and learn the skills.

Courses included in this bundles are:

  • AZ-100 Azure Administrator Infrastructure & Deployment Exam Prep
  • AZ-101 Microsoft Azure Integration & Security Exam Prep
  • AZ-203 Developing Solutions for Microsoft Azure Exam Prep
  • AZ-300 Azure Architecture Technologies Certification Exam Prep

So ready to start up your career in Microsoft Azure? Get the certification to get your career flowing toward success!

Occurrences like these don’t happen every day, this is your chance to build a strong foundation for a lucrative career. Don’t wait too long and start preparing now! The price is just $29 for now but it won’t last forever.